How to Optimise Your Small Outdoor Space

Big Landscapes in Small Places

By Odyssey Landscapes – ‘Luxury Landscaping and Landscape Design’


One of the main aims of a competent landscaper is to optimise the space they are given and to bring out an outdoor space’s true potential, whilst still fulfilling the needs and desires of the client. Optimising space is even more crucial when working with very small areas. With backyards continuing to shrink, the outside space of your home needs to be carefully designed to maximise space and to create that great Queenslander outdoor entertaining area.

This was the case with one of our recent projects in Sunshine Cove, Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. The team had a total area of 75 square metres, including a 25 square metre pool area to work with. Optimising space by utilising smart landscape design and creative solutions was absolutely critical for this project, to produce an outdoor entertaining area that the client’s would love.

Aside from the obvious space limitations, the biggest challenge when designing and constructing a very small landscape is to achieve the perfect balance between a bare, bland and open area and trying to fit so much in that you begin to feel claustrophobic and the garden becomes over-crowded. However, as one of leading landscape design and construction companies on the Sunshine Coast, we tackled this challenge head on and by providing creative and handcrafted solutions produced a great final result for our clients.


The first solution to landscaping in limited spaces is to think outside the box, and plant vertically!

Sunshine Coast Landscaping company Odyssey Landscapes provide professional landscaping services including constructing and planting gorgeous vertical grow walls!


For our Sunshine Cove project, we had constructed and planted two gorgeous vertical grow walls for our client. These grow walls give the perception of ‘growing up the fence’, and allow for more plant life and vegetation in small spaces without taking up space on the ground and over-crowding the limited area.



Vertical Grow Wall on the Sunshine Coast, a view from the kitchen bringing the outdoors inside.

These vertical grow walls were planted purposefully outside the living room and kitchen windows, offering a great view from inside an bringing the outdoors in to add to the illusion of more space.  The bonus of having a vertical grow wall is that they come with an installed irrigation system that does the watering. So they are basically maintenance free!



The second solution to landscaping in limited spaces is to use glass fencing.


Glass pool fencing installed by Odyssey Landscapes to avoid creating the perception of barriers and by allowing the landscape to feel more open.

The 25 square metre pool area called for elegant and stylish pool fencing, which also complimented the rest of the landscape and the area provided. At Sunshine Cove, we had used glass pool fencing to achieve this aesthetic whilst also adhering to our space limitations. By using glass we had contributed to the ‘perception’ of space by installing an almost invisible barrier, avoiding the illusion of defining different spaces in the one garden and by avoiding creating seperate smaller spaces within an already small space. By installing transparent glass pool fencing we had allowed the area to appear more ‘open’.


Lastly, the third solution to landscaping in limited spaces is the creative use of garden features to add interest.


Timber decking deck bench constructed by sunshine coast landscaping company Odyssey Landscapes offers levels and more interaction within a small landscape, without taking too much space.

One of the highlights of our Sunshine Cove project on the Sunshine Coast is the gorgeous deck seat we constructed out of Merbau Timber Decking. This deck seat takes up little space but adds huge interest in the garden’s overall aesthetic and offers more sitting room and interaction with the landscape for the clients.




This outdoor shower was a classy and elegant addition to the small landscape project, while taking up very little space but making a big difference to the landscapes overall aesthetic.

Similarly, an outdoor shower was installed on the other side of the entertaining area near the pool to add class and elegance to the landscape. As another vertical feature, it takes up little space while making a big difference to the landscapes overall aesthetic.

Put simply, successful landscaping in small places is achieved by using creative landscape design solutions to find the perfect balance between bare and boring and over-crowded and cluttered. An appealing and attractive outdoor entertaining area consists of optimising the space to make you feel more connected with nature and the outside world, whilst also still feeling right at home.


View the full project here. Alternatively, if you are interested in having your very own landscape designed and constructed by Odyssey Landscapes, you can contact us here.


House constructed by Cole Projects:
Vertical Gardens Supplied by iLandscape:
Outdoor shower, Lighting and Artificial Turf supplied by Reece Maroochydore:
Photography by Light & Ignite Photography:


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