7 Reasons To Hire a Professional Landscaper

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“7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Landscaper for your Landscape”

By Odyssey Landscapes – ‘Luxury Landscaping and Landscape Design’


“Landscaping is a win-win proposition. Tidying and greening around your home increases property value, is great for the environment and has been shown to improve your health” – Jacqui Thompson,


Building your own home that suits your lifestyle is a dream shared by many. People spend such a large amount of time and money on building their beloved dream home, only to decide there aren’t any funds left for high quality landscaping. In other words, they make it the last priority. This is similar to going to all the effort of baking a three-tier wedding cake only to neglect one of the most important aspects of bringing the final product together – the icing and decorations! Landscaping Sunshine Coast specialists believe that the outdoor space is crucial to the overall aesthetic of your home, and have listed the 7 main reasons why you should hire a professional landscaper for your landscaping project.



#1 Add Value To Your Property

Imagine. You’re searching for your new home and have two properties to visit. The first one, you enter by walking along a gorgeous pathway lined with lush green turf, the gardens are full and well-organised, the backyard has a gorgeous timber deck and entertaining area which you visualise your friends and family having a drink by the pool. You leave to view the next house, feeling excited by all the possibilities. The next property is surrounded by dirt, dead grass, and overgrown plants which take up too much space and leaves you feeling less than inspired. Which home would be more memorable to you? Which one would you prefer?

Many people underestimate the value of ‘curb appeal’. A conceptually designed and beautifully built house is incomplete without a well-planned and appealing landscape. High quality landscaping will not only make your property look much more attractive to potential buyers and reduce the time your property is on the market,  it is also well proven that cohesive and attractive landscaping does indeed increase the value of your property.

Studies have shown that streets in Brisbane with a large amount of foliage and trees added up to 5% ($29,000) value above median house prices,  a good landscape design can increase perceived home value by 5-11 percent, and even homeowner’s can achieve up to a 100% return on every landscaping dollar spent. (Jacqui Thompson,

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A well designed front entrance including lush green turf, a few plants and a clean walkway is all that’s needed to give your property a boost!


#2 High Quality Craftsmanship

As exciting a DIY project may seem, there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong. And when the job is improperly planned or you aren’t sure how to solve potential problems, it can become a headache. Professional landscapers have the knowledge, skills, and years of experience to construct things properly the first time and know how to handle unexpected problems.

For example, DIY-ing steppers as a walkway in your garden. Although it seems like a relatively simple task for a DIY, they usually turn out unsteady, uneven, and get gradually worse over time when you aren’t 100% what you’re doing. Only a professional knows the proper techniques to install steppers and pavers to ensure a lifetime of steady walking and keeping everything level.

Buying the tools and equipment needed for landscaping can be costly and it’s safe to assume that you don’t have all the necessary equipment, whereas a professional landscaper has all the right tools to get the job done. Give yourself piece of mind knowing you’ve hired a knowledgeable professional who can source the best materials, and has access to the right tools and equipment without you having to purchase them yourself.


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Photo of a landscaper installing irrigation for a future garden bed. Landscaping Sunshine Coast specialists Odyssey Landscapes has a team of hard-working and passionate professionals.


#3 Professional Landscape Design

A professional landscaper knows what works and what doesn’t. They keep up to date with industry trends, they network with fellow landscapers and landscape architects, and they’re in the know when it comes to planting schemes, how to care for specific plants and how they grow in our environment.  They also understand the future needs of each plant. If a client wants to plant a specific tree on their property, a professional can assess the house exterior and ask questions such as how big will the tree grow? Will it provide enough shade for the client’s needs? Will the roots spread too far and begin to disrupt the structure of the house?

For example, a popular planting scheme around a pool usually includes palm trees. However, it is up to the landscape professional to identify which palm trees can be used as many species have root systems which can grow and crack into the pavement and ruin the pool structure over time. Professional landscapers design for the future and want to prevent you having to rip it all up in years time due to not understanding the characteristics of each plant.


LightIgnite 2018 OdysseyLandscapes 29 1024x683 - 7 Reasons To Hire a Professional Landscaper
Landscaping Sunshine Coast specialists Odyssey Landscapes constructed this small landscape for client’s in Sunshine Cove. With very limited space to work with, only a professional knows how to design a garden which utilises the space to it’s fullest potential!


#4 Get The Most Out Of Your Space

Thoughtful and professional landscaping can help you utilise your property to it’s full potential. Instead of just a large patch of grass or an overgrown forest of unnecessary weeds, landscaping will enable you to clear out the space and make it functional. As a result, you’ll spend much more time outside. Imagine entertaining people in a large fire-pit seating area cladded in stone, surrounded by lush turf for the kids to play on and to just enjoy nature.

Just take a look at the difference high quality landscaping can make…

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#5 Having a Quality Landscape Can Improve Your Health

Plants filter carbon dioxide and pollutants and produce more oxygen. Therefore, having a landscape full of trees, turf, and shrubs will improve air quality around your home. And we all know spending more time outdoors is good for your health. Landscaping creates outdoor areas which entice all the senses.. the sound of running water and birds chirping in the trees, the therapeutic smells of flowers and fragrant plants, and the sight of lush green scenery. Being outside and experiencing these sensations can result in reduced blood pressure, improved attention and memory, and reduce stress levels. Say goodbye to fake meditation music and hello to your garden escape!

Spending more time outdoors can also help keep your family fit by promoting an active lifestyle, and simply being able to enjoy your garden will contribute to your well-being. Not to mention, hiring a professional to do all the hard work to achieve it will give you stress free piece of mind.

sunshine 10 1024x768 - 7 Reasons To Hire a Professional Landscaper
Landscaping Sunshine Coast specialists Odyssey Landscapes installed this vertical grow wall right outside the clients kitchen – bringing the outside in!


#6 Landscaping Protects Your Property

Hardscape structures like retaining walls not only add to the garden aesthetic but also prevents soil erosion and stops soil from sliding towards your home during wet weather. Root structures from plants and trees may also help prevent soil erosion.Turf absorbs a large amount of water from rainfall, and a professional knows how to install a drainage system for environments with frequent wet weather to avoid local flooding.

Need a little more privacy? Mature planting schemes and outdoor garden features can provide both a visual and sound barrier. Having a professional landscaper install lighting in the yard may prevent tripping, falling and even people snooping around. Getting professional landscaping for your property not only looks great, but can also protect your property from various threats. It’s a win-win situation!

Sandstone wall odyssey landscapes 2018 14 1024x683 - 7 Reasons To Hire a Professional Landscaper
A Three Tier sandstone retaining wall, intended to prevent soil erosion and keep the property safely on the hill. Constructed by Sunshine Coast Landscaping Company Odyssey Landscapes


#7 Investing In A Professional Landscaper Can Save You Money!

Hiring a professional landscaper means you are investing in a highly trained and knowledgable contractor who is a jack of all trades. Instead of managing the project yourself and having to hire a different tradesman for concreting, fencing, stonework, turfing, pool building, and tiling – all these services will be provided by one person. Imagine the time and money that can be saved by hiring one professional who can offer all services for one price and in a timely manner. And imagine the time you save by hiring a professional landscaping company to get the job done instead of wasting countless hours online researching, visiting hardware stores and searching for materials and fixing mistakes which is needed for a DIY – and that isn’t even including labour! Hiring a professional ensures the project will be completed accurately and efficiently without any costly problems.

Having a landscape around your property can also reduce living costs. Trees and plants provide shade and keep things cool in summer, and provide insulation and protection from the elements in Winter. It is even known for houses shaded with trees to spend less money on heating and cooling as they protect air conditioning units outdoors, resulting in them running more efficiently. Say hello to cutting down energy costs! Indeed, hiring a professional landscaping company can save you time and money by catering to your lifestyle. They can build you a low maintenance garden which requires little to no upkeep, including self watering vertical gardens or artificial turf which needs no watering at all. Or they may install an efficient irrigation system which can reduce your water bills over time.

Save yourself some precious time and money and invest in a professional landscaping company that has the extensive knowledge, skills and problem-solving ability to complete any project!


Want to see the visual impact a professional landscaping company can have on a property? check out our video of our proudest landscape transformations on the Sunshine Coast…


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