How to Look After Your Freshly Turfed Lawn

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How to Look After Your Freshly Turfed Lawn

Luscious Green Turf for your Luxury Landscape

By Odyssey Landscapes – ‘Luxury Landscaping and Landscape Design’

A luscious green lawn is often the finishing touch of a landscape which brings it all together. The strong tones of different greens, lively growth and the feeling of soft land under your feet offer strong contrast to the more structural appearance of your home and creates balance.

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The strong, bright green tones of this synthetic turf really compliment the warm brown tones of the Deck and Deck Bench Seat of this small Landscape in Sunshine Cove

Now we’re entering the warmer months leading up to Summer, we wanted to provide you with a quick information guide on how to care for your newly planted lawn after turfing!

When should I get my new lawn installed?

The best time to turf your new lawn is actually right now! Spring time leading into Summer is the best time to install a new lawn as it maximises growth due to the warmer climate.

What type of lawn should I choose?

There are multiple options out there when considering which type of turf to use, which suit various applications and budgets. Options include couch, buffalo, Zoisia, and many more. The type you decide to use depends really on what you’re after as they not only vary in appearance, thickness and colour, but some are more shad tolerant, water tolerant, or even salt tolerant than others.

And for those who love no maintenance whatsoever, you can also have the option of using synthetic turf! We have used synthetic turf in a few landscapes we’ve constructed and believe it or not, it looks great.

That’s why it’s best to consult a Landscaping Sunshine Coast and Turfing specialists. You can contact us here if you’d like more information.

Do I need to soil prep prior to installing my turf?

Absolutely! You need to cover the area with at least 50-100mm of imported soil blend or ameliorated soil. So make sure you fertilise the soil before laying to promote optimal growth and turf health.

How often should I water my new lawn?

Once layed, you should water until the whole turfed area is moist but no flooded. Water in both morning and early afternoon each day for the next two weeks after laying, then drop watering frequency off slowly after.

Handy tip! You should water in the early afternoon to ensure turf has enough time to soak up the water before night time. If you water in the later afternoon and the turf is still wet during the night, the turf will be vulnerable and more likely to develop diseases and pest problems.

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Sprinklers are the smarter option when it comes to large turfed yards. There are also some gear you can purchase form your local gardening or hardware store which will activate sprinklers periodically throughout the day and at optimal times, to ensure a healthy and happy lawn without you having to put in the effort!

How often should I water my new lawn?

You should wait until the roots are firmly imbedded into the ground and there is sufficient growth on top before you mow your lawn. Generally, the first mow will be around the four week period after installation in Spring or Summer.

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A well maintained lawn can mean the difference between a tidy, well-kept and appealing landscape that appears to be booming with plant life and just another back yard that no-one really wants to walk on.

You spend a lot of time or money in planting your turf for your garden, use these tips from an expert and maintain your turf so it’ll have plenty years of healthy growth. And as always, if you have any questions in regard to turf maintenance we are always more than happy to help!

You can view our landscaping projects here. Alternatively, if you have your own project you’d like to discuss, please contact us!

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