In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems: Important Questions and Answers

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Cleaning the pool is a dreaded task for many homeowners, but with the help of pool cleaning systems, the process is much more manageable. Robotic vacuum pool cleaners can be a good choice, but when it comes to a “set it and forget it” process, it’s hard to beat an in-floor pool cleaning system! 

Because it’s one of the services we provide here at Odyssey Landscapes, we get a lot of questions about pool cleaning. Today, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions and answers about in-floor pool cleaning systems, as well as other important considerations for your pool design. 

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What is an in-floor pool cleaning system? 

An in-floor pool cleaning system utilises pop up cleaners to clear the pool of debris, dirt, and other small items. The cleaners quite literally “pop” out of the pool floor and then go back down again when they’re done. 

During a pool renovation on the Sunshine Coast, most homeowners opt to have an in-floor pool cleaning system added. They’re often the first choice when it comes to a cleaning system for new pool builds, too. These cleaners are placed all around the surface of the pool, including on the benches, steps, walls, and other pool surfaces. Depending on the size of your pool, there could be 15 pop-up cleaners or more. But don’t worry  — when they’re not being used, the cleaners are level with the pool’s surface so you won’t even notice they’re there! 

How do pool pop up cleaners work?

The pop-up cleaners don’t remove the debris themselves, but what they are responsible for is spraying pressurized water in a specific direction. This pressure sends dirt, debris, etc., toward the pool drain where it can easily be removed. 

Rather than all operating at once, the cleaners work in a systematised fashion so there may only be a few operating at once. The length of time each pop-up usually operates is for between 30-60 seconds, but this can usually be adjusted. If your pool is in need of a deep clean, a longer spray time might be necessary. 

What are the pros of an in-floor cleaning system? 

There are a lot of good reasons to invest in an in-floor pool cleaning system during your pool renovation on the Sunshine Coast. To start, they will save you a lot of time cleaning the pool yourself or maintaining a robotic cleaner. 
Some of the other advantages include:

  • Better water circulation which means better heat circulation 
  • Quieter than most other systems
  • Tend to use less electricity than other pool cleaning methods
  • They work with any type of pool
  • An in-floor system helps prevent the surface of your pool from staining

What are the cons of an in-floor cleaning system? 

For some homeowners, this type of pool cleaning system might not be the right choice. Take a look at this list of potential cons to help you decide.

  • They require a bigger financial investment to install 
  • They are more effective at keeping the floor clean rather than the surface of the pool
  • After heavy winds or another storm, you might still need to operate a pool vacuum to ensure your pool is properly cleaned

If you seem to be having trouble with your in-floor cleaning system, here’s a handy article that outlines ten issues you might face and how to address them. 

Now that we’ve covered one of the best ways to keep your pool nice and clean, let’s talk about some other pool installation considerations to keep in mind. 

When you’re working on a new landscaping plan for your home and it includes a pool, this can be a beautiful way to enhance your entire yard. But it does add some extra work and effort to make sure it’s done right. Luckily, we can help with that! 

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What else should I consider for my outdoor pool installation?

Over the years, Odyssey Landscapes has worked on several homes (have a look at some of our projects here) with outdoor pools and we’ve learned a lot in the process. Here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when you’re designing an outdoor pool. 

Proximity to the house: Depending on the size of your yard, you may have the option of extending your pool further away from your home. But keep in mind, the closer the pool is to the home means the closer you are to things like showers, snacks, and drinks and other amenities. That is unless you also have a pool house built on your property! 

Plants: Having plants surrounding your pool might look nice, but there are certain plants that should be avoided right over your pool otherwise you’ll constantly be dealing with cleaning their leaves out of the water. When you work with Odyssey Landscapes, we can help you choose the appropriate plants for every area of your yard — including what looks and works best around your outdoor pool. 

This is just one reason it’s useful to work with a professional landscaper. Here are some others. 

Surrounding materials: On the Sunshine Coast, no pool renovation is complete without consideration for the materials surrounding the pool, including the paving! You want something that not only looks good but is non-slip and weather appropriate. At Odyssey Landscapes, we’re skilled in installing a variety of integral foundations and walkways, including tile, concrete, and pavement. Find out more about all of this right here. 

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Maintenance: Another thing to consider about your pool is maintenance requirements. This can be a lot for a homeowner to handle when they’re already busy with everything else it takes to run a home. Luckily, one of the services we offer is pool cleaning for residential and commercial pools on the Sunshine Coast! 

Lighting: A moonlit swim can be nice, but you do want to consider what kind of additional lighting might be required in and around your pool. Without proper lighting, the risk of slip and fall injuries and other dangers increases. Having lights installed within the pool is another important consideration, and you have lots of great design options to choose from. 

Drainage: Did you know inadequate drainage behind a retaining wall can have devastating effects on not only your pool but also your home? It’s true, and that’s why proper retaining wall installation is so vital. A professional can properly install drainage using the best techniques to avoid excessive water build-up. They also are aware of the rules and regulations relating to wall height and positions. Here is some other important information about retaining walls and why you need them. 

Covering and security: As much fun as pools can provide, they can also pose major safety risks if they’re not used properly. If you have small children, adding a locked gate around your pool is one of the first things you should consider. Similarly, a locking pool cover to keep kids out of the water when they’re not supposed to be in the pool is useful. Many homeowners also choose to add cameras around their pool and yard so they can keep an eye on them even from inside or away from the house. 

Whether it will include a pool or not, if you’re ready to talk more about your dream landscape design for the home, get in touch with the team at Odyssey Landscapes today so we can help make your dream a reality! 

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