Large Sandstone retaining wall, Bli Bli
Sandstone Retaining Wall constructed by landscaping sunshine coast company Odyssey Landscapes
Sandstone Block Wall
Retaining Wall made of Sandstone
Rock Wall constructed with sandstone by Odyssey Landscapes
3 Tiered Sandstone Retaining Wall
Rock Wall constructed by odyssey Landscapeses
Sandstone Wall constructed by sunshine coast landscaping company Odyssey Landscapes
Retaining Wall on the Sunshine Coast
Sandstone Retaining  Walls Sunshine Coast
Landscaping sunshine coast company constructs large 3 tier sandstone retaining wall
Sandstone Rock Wall
Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast
Sandstone Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast
Rock Walls Sunshine Coast
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Stone Work Sandstone Retaining Wall Sunshine Coast
Rock Walls Sunshine Coast specialists

Bli Bli Road, Bli Bli

Introducing.. the Great Wall of Bli Bli! The Odyssey Team are proud to share a large project we recently finished in Bli Bli, featuring three tiers of sandstone block retaining wall. The project included earthworks and construction by yours truly, covering a total area of 125 square metres. This property is going to look striking once construction finishes, it’s cleaned up and turf goes in – with the wall standing as it’s centrepiece. These walls are not only a beautiful addition to your property but are also strong, solid, and sturdy. This wall ain’t going nowhere! See more of this project here.

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