kingfisher drive 768x513 - Kingfisher Drive, Bli Bli

Project Description

This multi-leveled landscape employs elevation and various planes to form a journey!

This elevated Sunshine Coast landscape is a haven for friends and family. The Jarrah decking supplied by Ironbark Timber Products Pty Ltd make for the prime position to admire the expansive yard and elevated planes rising from the property. Our client was seeking a series of retaining walls capable of standing the test of time, so we brought in sandstone blocks from Sandstone World. These retaining walls highlight the level differences in the landscape, and will most certainly provide the fortitude sought after by our clients.

As we ascend the sandstone staircase we find ourselves in a courtyard of decomposed granite, Doryanthes excelsa (Gymea Lily), Philodendron xanadu & Carissa grandiflora (Natal Plum). Once these plants mature the garden beds will be densely packed with lush growth! The decking platforms leading on from the courtyard will also experience this cozy treatment, with the Xanadus aiding the illusion of floating decks. The surrounding garden bed is home to a Brachychiton Rupestris (Queensland Bottle Tree) – our star plant of the show. Once again, when this garden reaches maturity it’ll be host to a dense wall of Elaeocarpus reticulatus (Blueberry Ash) closing in the property, with lush seas of Viola hederacea (Ivy-leaved Violet), Nandina domestica (Heavenly Bamboo or Sacred Bamboo) & Agapanthus praecox (Lily of the Nile).

Atop the landscape sits a congregation area housing an impressive COR-TEN steel fire pit, graciously supplied by iLandscape Sunshine Coast. No doubt this space will see all sorts of conversation – from big business to family affairs! The view from this fire pit is simply stunning, and really capitalizes on the block’s views and elevation.

Our clients have left the ball in our court to maintain and tend to this wonderful landscape. From the first mound of earth moved to the continual upkeep, we’re extremely happy that we’ve been able to provide a comprehensive landscape solution to our clients. This evolving space will be enjoyed for many decades to come!

Masonry products supplied by Sandstone World
Fire Pit supplied by iLandscape Sunshine Coast
Jarrah Decking supplied by Ironbark Timber Products Pty Ltd
Cooch Turf supplied by Coolhaven Native Turf Pty Ltd
Photography by Brie Law Photography

We’re huge fans of multi-dimensional constructions here at Odyssey Landscapes, do you like how we’ve used the space?

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Client Testimonial

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