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Mackenzie Drive, Sunshine Coast

A low maintenance, luxury landscape nestled away on Mackenzie Drive in Sunshine Cove.

This canal-side landscape is one of our most detailed luxury landscapes to date. This design features extensive artificial grow walls, eliminating the maintenance required for live grow walls. Additionally, the vibrant grow walls compliment the Silver Travertine tiled surfaces, and provide intriguing contrast between the colors and textures used in this luxury landscape.

We’ve also constructed two adjacent deck-bench seats out of Ultim8 decking, which is a composite decking board and virtually maintenance free. The carefully planned and constructed floating platforms have been designed to deal with the sizable level difference in the landscape, which then lead down to a large entertaining deck overhanging the canal.

They say it’s the little things that make a difference – the use of LED illumination enhances the twilight setting of this luxury landscape, and highlights our dedicated eye for detail. The client was astounded by our use of lighting in the seating and floating deck areas.

Ultim8 Composite Decking supplied by Ironbark Timber Products Pty Ltd
Artificial Hedge Wall supplied by Designer Plants
Silver Travertine supplied by The Pool Tile Company
Lighting, Irrigation, Tiling Materials and Plumbing supplied by Reece Irrigation & Pools
Photography by Light & Ignite Photography

We believe we’ve fulfilled the client’s vision of a low-maintenance, luxury landscape that adds value to their property. Wouldn’t you agree?

Interested in discussing your unique vision for your dream luxury landscape? Explore our catalog of luxury landscapes and get in touch to begin planning your next project!

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